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Care and Handling

Magiku are preserved flowers. By right, these flowers are natural fresh flowers that went through magiku technology to make them last very long. As such, they are still delicate flowers that need special care and handling the same way you would do for normal fresh flowers.

How to

Magiku flowers do not need watering at all. Magiku flowers may "bleed" in high humidity environment such as on rainy days. Such "bleeding" will naturally dry out or you can also use hot hair dryer to blow bleeding magiku flowers to dry them. Flowers will be back to normal and you can continue to enjoy them for a long time. Our normal day to day room humidity is 30%-50% range.

Other than that, magiku flowers need your careful handling as you would do with normal fresh flowers. Magiku flowers are not plastic nor artificial. They need your gentle touch :)

Other preserved flowers would warn you not to put in sunlight. Our magiku flowers are top HLF colors and will not fade easily. Eventhough it is not advisable to intentionally put your magiku flowers under strong direct sunlight, from our research and trial for the past 4 years since we launch our factory in Thailand, magiku flowers can survive window sunlight and flowers still remain the same in colors and shapes. Should not be heated direct sunlight though, no one would do that with flowers. They need gentle touch.

One thing to watch out, preserved flowers are colors dyed and can stain your clothes. Do not put them directly to or on your clothing.

Other than that, Enjoy!

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